REFUNDS: Before signing your child up for a basketball program that has a NO REFUND registration fee policy, it is important that you are fully informed about the program.

Because we have so many fixed expenses, including contractual obligations to pay substantial money for the renting of gym time, the purchase of insurance in order to rent the gyms, purchase of uniforms. basketballs, hiring of officials, referees, and supervisors as well as supporting staff, we have to ensure that our registrants are committed to participate. That is the reason for our NO REFUND after registration policy. We have been in the business of providing youth sports since 1957 and we believe the quality of our program and staff will surprise you with our attention to detail and our responsiveness to our players and parents. We can never please everyone but we have a proven track record of running a program that is fun and instructional while tailored to allow players to progress step by step as they gain experience and confidence.

PLAYING TIME: Every player is guaranteed to play two full quarters or(1/2) of every game.

Team Placement: One of the most frequent questions that we get concerns request for placement on a specific team either with a child’s friend or a particular coach. We do understand that this is important to some children and parents and we do consider written requests, other than in the Boys 5th/6th grade division which is formed by a draft, that are made during the registration process and by separate email to us but we cannot guarantee that all placement requests will be honored.

Once teams are formed, we do not move players from one team to another because their requests were not honored or they just simply want to be on a different team. If this is so important that your child or you will not accept this process, please do NOT register your child because there are absolutely no refunds.

Practices: parents necessarily want to know when their child will practice since children have other commitments as well as parents need to budget their time. Girls will generally practice during the week since they play on Sundays and Boys will generally practice on Sundays since they play games on Saturdays. Sometimes these generalities will change. The exact time will depend on the head coach of the team. If your child cannot practice or play on Saturday or Sunday or has problems during the week in the early evenings in terms of practice, please contact us and let us know your concerns BEFORE you consider registering. We have had situations where for religious or other reasons, coaches or players had conflicts and we try to accommodate the situation.

Rookie League players (five and six year olds) time slot is Saturday mornings. Their practices will be about 20 minutes during their time slot with the game to follow immediately thereafter. There are no additional practices for these players.

If your child will be in first grade in September and is at least six years old, he or she may decide to participate in our regular basketball program which has a five on 5 full court experience or remain in the 5/6 year Rookie League which is a half court format.

Coaching: we always need new coaches. We provide a $75 rebate ($25 for Rookie Division) for our head coaches at the end of the season. In addition, we pay for and require completion of a NAYS basketball coach training program which is very good and can be completed online in about 3 hours. In addition, there is a free short online program on Concussion mandated by law and one free short online course on Sudden Cardiac Arrest. These online courses will help both experienced coaches as well as those coaches coaching for the first time.

We welcome both Moms and Dads as coaches in all of our divisions, boys and girls. If you are hesitant to be a head coach, you can coach as an assistant coach with another parent whose child is in the same division.

Coaches will have input on practice times. The child of the head coach and ONE designated assistant coach will be placed on their respective teams.

If you are interested in being a head coach, please email us at wcyaasports@yahoo.com and let us know the name of your child and what division you wish to coach in and whether you are a returning coach.

Uniforms: we will provide a jersey and shorts for each player at no extra charge. These uniforms must be worn at all games and belong to the player at the end of the season. Rookie league players will receive a jersey only.

Siblings: Siblings will be placed on the same team provided that they are in the same grade division.

Practice and game locations: all games will be played at Foothill Community Gym located at 2775 Cedro Ln. in Walnut Creek. This is the Foothill Middle School gym. Practices will be either at Foothill Community Gym or Northgate High School gym located at 425 Castle Rock Rd. Walnut Creek. It is possible that your head coach may have another gym available for practice in Walnut Creek.

Parking: generally, during game days there is ample parking in the parking lots of the respective sites. However, please do not park on the side of the street opposite Foothill Middle School in front of the houses. The Walnut Creek Police Department can and will issue parking citations. You should be able to park on the side of Cedro next to the school fencing in addition to the Foothill parking lot itself.

Valuables: Please keep all items out of sight when you park your car and please be sure to lock your car.

Dogs/Water/Food/Coffee/Other Liquids: Sorry. No dogs in the gyms or at practices. No food or drink in the gyms per facility regulations. Snacks and water may be consumed outside the gyms.

Medical or other conditions: please share any concerns that you have pertaining to your child with your head coach so that he or she may be aware of your child’s needs. Neither coaches nor WCYAA staff may give your child any medication. As parents, you are more than welcome to attend all of the practices that your child attends and of course all of the games. You are the best resource when it comes to taking care of your child’s medical or other concerns. However, it is crucial if your child has an allergy that your coach knows so that we can try to avoid situations in which your child may be exposed to something that could be a problem for him or her.

Concussion Protocol: Every head coach will have completed a Concussion Protocol Course and you will be emailed a Concussion And Head Injury Information Sheet which you and your child (age 6 and older) must sign and return before being allowed to practice or play. If you did not receive the sheet, please download it from our website under Concussion and Other Forms. As you know, concussions are serious and must be treated appropriately.

COVID: one of the areas that we do not have definitive knowledge on at this time is what are going to be the restrictions on use of the gyms and the program itself because of whatever the Covid conditions are November through early February. The simple answer is that we will be required to follow whatever the City of Walnut Creek and The Mt.Diablo Unified School District require at a minimum since we will have a contractual relationship with them. Our gyms tend to be crowded with players and spectators so we hope that coaches, parents and players will be fully inoculated , wearing masks or both when players are not actually playing. In the registration process, there is a provision where registrants agree to be bound by the rules and regulations pertaining to COVID that are imposed by entities that rent us gym time.


CONTACT INFORMATION: We have tried to provide sufficient information on our website to answer most general questions but we sincerely invite you to email us at wcyaaasports@yahoo.com with your own unique questions or concerns. We promise that we will promptly reply to you via return email or if you leave a telephone number we will be happy to give you a call if you prefer.

The best way to reach us is via email at wcyaasports @yahoo.com. You will get the quickest response.